Our company is specialized in restauration and conservation of buildings
such as cultural monuments

Let's preserve our Bulgarian Identity !
“RESTSTROY” Ltd is registered in Plovdiv on 01.02.1999.

Owners of the company are:

- Zdravko Nikolov Arnaudov – civil engineer with thirty years of professional experience.

- Constantin Stefanov Konstantinov – civil engineer with thirty years of professional experience.

“RESTSTROY” Ltd is specialized in designing and execution of any conservation works over cultural monuments. The company has professional staff with over 30 years of specific experience in area of conservation of the bulgaian cultual heritage.

The capacity of the company is adpted to the modern engineering requirements. We have realized the conservation of more than thirty monuments of national and local importance, as well as renovation of many major public buildings.

Ltd is also able to execute new constructions requiring modern technical solutons and technology.

Ltd is listed in the Central Professional Registry of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber in group I:

· Constructions according par.137.1.1 “¼” and par.137.1.2 “Z” 

· Constructions in categories 3 to 5  

ISO and OHSAS certification:

- Systems for quality management in the area of „Preservation and restoration of immovable cultural heritage, general construction and construction repair activities”

For more information, please contact us at:
Âel/fax: 032 / 630 550
e-mail: reststroy@abv.bg

Company address: Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Mesembria street 28

Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Mesembria street 28, Tel/fax: 032 / 630 550, e-mail: reststroy@abv.bg